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Wise and Kind Old Souls are a group of song writers from the Niagara region of North America. They happened along a very dusty, very old book one day rifling through a rickety attic chest while clearing out a practice space. The book seemed to be full of songs the fellas had never heard of. Determined, they set out to master these tunes and understand the growing connection between themselves and the writers who penned those songs so long ago. In time, the words and melodies became their own, and the characters within the stories became themselves and the people in their lives, and reality became a bit convoluted. Set on distinguishing eachother from their reflections within this music they discovered so long ago in that dusty old chest, they decided to write the next chapter in the story, affectionately penned, "East of Eden." Drawing on the "blues", that group of playful devils shouting on your shoulder, and with a folk backbone, the band powers through a big helping of american rock songs and through this next chapter in the story. The songs are of love and passion, the seasons, and a peek within the beautiful but chaotic world the boys in the band seek to conjure with every live performance. Jazz sensibility and agility with a "catch the ghost" attitude are what these cats seek to unravel and lay at your feet. The WAKOS (a fortunate acronym) are Jay Shulz on the bass guitar and backing vocal, Chris Young on electric and acoustic guitars, backing and lead vocal, dulcimer, and djembe, Kevin Crowley on lead vocal, rythym guitar, harmonica, and didgeridoo, and Mike Evangelista on drumkit and percussion. With East of Eden complete the band seeks to dive deeper into the mythos ahead of them, already at work on the next part of the story—stay tuned The WAKOS would love to play for you The Wakos began in Buffalo, NY in 2005 as a collaboration between Jay Schulz, Kevin Crowley, and Chris Young. Folky and Funky, the acoustic sound evolved into a great live rock act with the addition of drummer Mike Evangelista. For the next several years the band played all around Buffalo and Western New York polishing their skills. in 2007 They released East of Eden in 2007 and their fan base continued to grow. In 2009 the band added keyboardist Adam Schmidt and multi-instrumentalist Brian Gorman to the mix and the sound has shifted to include more elements of electronica and hip-hop. Always exciting, the band looks to the new decade with a feverish eye ready at all times to bring you their unique brand of American Rock Music. Stay tuned!!!! new albums for 2012 "Abbababba", "Paulo Julia" and "out of the fold".

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