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I Gotta Believe
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Nadia Turner "Believe" Bracelet and FREE Song Download! Limited time offer: unisex "Believe" Bracelet includes free song download of "I Gotta Believe" (2016) by Nadia Turner, American Idol Finalist and Rock Soul Artist. Braided Bracelet with Charm

Great Gig at The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills, decided to change things up with some red...

Nadia at the Hard Rock!

Nadia LIVE!

!!SO EXCITED!! Behind the scene shots from my upcoming music video!!! @dblevin keeping it passionate with his directing skills! @nathanielmiller focused on the ‪#‎vision‬ and imagery ‪#‎goal‬ and Lauren unintentionally photobombing😂 @hollywoodshorts cracking the whip keeping everything organized and running smooth🙌🏾! There is no I in ‪#‎team‬!!! ‪#‎behindthescenes‬ ‪#‎musicvideo‬ Photography: @jenny.mestas

‪#‎TBT‬ to a real great moment in my life when I performed for 8 world leaders at the 26th Annual G8 Summit 2000 in Okinawa, Japan. It's crazy how clueless I was back then😏. I was busy complaining to my mom about my hairdresser disaster that happened before leaving the country. She kept saying "Stay in the moment Nadia..Stay in the moment." We spent an extra week in Tokyo and we fell in love with Japan and its beauty, art and culture. It wasn't until years later that I realized how incredible this trip was! WoW! I had the honor of performing 4ft away from these world leaders and meet them!😍 Canada~ Prime Minister Jean Chretien / France~ President Jacques Chirac / Germany~Chancellor Gerhard Schroder /Italy~ Prime Minister Giuliano Amato / Japan~ Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori/ Russia~ President Vladimir Putin/ UK~ Prime Minister Tony Blair/ US- President Bill Clinton/ European Commission~ President Romano Prodi !WOW! I'm soooooo grateful for that experience!

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