Paul Lloyd Warner
Paul Lloyd Warner is a Contemporary Classical composer, performing and recording artist. He has released 35 albums and sold over one million copies. Paul's music is mostly recorded in the wilderness. He drives his keyboards, digital recording equipment and portable electricity out into nature and records on location in beauty spots around the American West. Paul has recorded on the rim of the Grand Canyon, in Yosemite Valley, Zion National Park, The Pacific Northwest, the Oregon Coast and many beautiful but lesser known locations.

Paul Lloyd Warner's music in instrumental. With four keyboards, he is able to re-create the orchestra in startling detail. His musical philosophy is to make music that is totally original, beautiful and inspiring. When listening to his music, listeners report that they never know what is coming next, there is always surprise after surprise. Paul's music is often transcendental, spiritual and hauntingly beautiful. He believes that music should capture the essence of nature and put it into form and structure, melody and harmony.

Paul Lloyd Warner's mission is to create music that is passionate, inspirational, and healing. MUSIC FOR PEACE is incredibly beautiful music and all recorded LIVE in one take. There is no sequencing or over-dubbing. This is music made in the moment of inspiration. Enjoy.

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Paul Lloyd Warner-solo artist

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