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Mr. Bates
Norman Bates known in Philly and NYC for his lyrical rhymes and double ancondra punchlines is set to take the national stage with a series of singles that will follow up to a music video movie short that shows fans abroad how he's the “New Talk of Philly”. Leading the series of singles is Another Level, which sets the bar vocally where he's headed in hip hop. “With this kind of hustle & flow we will take it to "ANOTHER LEVEL" I AM THE #NEWTALKOFPHILLY” says Norman Bates. Currently the state of Philly artists emerging has slowed down since the Drake & Meek beef but that hasn't slowed down the New Talk Philly’s movement. His view on the Philly movement of Hip Hop is to bring back that Roc-A-Fella type of movement that Beans had with State Property. Listen to the new single 'Another Level '

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