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Lucia Marie
Lucia Marie Rife was born in Spokane Washington; and grew up singing by the campfire with her family. Lucia's Father (Bill) was an accomplished musician before his early passing, and her Brother (Christoph) was a True Tenor for the Chicago Lyric Opera. Music has always been a passion that runs through her blood. Lucia has just released her self entitled debut album "Lucia Marie" this past summer with hit songs like "Body Roc & My Zone". Lucia has already performed and shot 2 music videos for the Full Feature Film "New Beginning" and "Angels Around Me" The first single of her album was released in September 2011, "The Way You Hold Me"; and has garnered immediate recognition from DJ's all across the country. Lucia Marie's debut album consists of 13 original songs, of which Marie says, "it has something for everyone....I want people to forget about their problems, lose themselves in the music and just dance". Lucia Marie has had the good fortune of working with Stephen "Stix" Josey who together has produced an amazing first album which features many of Boston’s well known artists, such as Twice Thou, Smidi Waters, and Tangg the Juice. Lucia Marie and Anthony Menounos formed their own company in January of 2011; called Lm & Am Entertainment. To date Lucia Marie has 2 music videos released, inclusion in 2 Feature Film Soundtracks, and also speaking roles in each the movies and has completed her first self-titled album. Which has led to gigs in such popular venues such as Bill's Bar, House of Blues and the Hard Rock...just to name a few! This is just the beginning from a natural born star… stay tuned and get ready the journey has just begun!

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