June Divided
JD started for fun. But people took it seriously. Next thing we know, life is bananas. Over a way-too-short amount of time, we released a full length album, ended up on Warped Tour, MTV, the radio, snagged some endorsements... you know, the whole nine. For the past 2.5 years, it felt like we were playing catch up to all the crazy cool things that were happening for us. We're a lucky (but hardworking) bunch. The thing is, when you're playing catch up, you often miss some important stuff.

A wise goonie once said "down here, it's our time. It's our time down here." It's kinda like that. Now, it's our time. We're not playing catch up anymore. We finally get to take time we never had before, and put it into new music, new sounds, new everything. We're holing up in a metaphorical secret passageway to find what we've been missing. Maybe we'll find a metaphorical pirate ship full of gold at the end of it. I promise you, new music is on it's way. All in good time.

(It should be noted that aforementioned wise goonie also let that entire pirate ship of gold slip through his fingers, so I guess this could really go either way.)

Until I think of a better bio, with all the love in our hearts,
-M (and the other goonies)

Band Members

Melissa Menago
Melissa is from Wilmington, DE. She sings, plays guitar, and keys in June Divided.
Chris Kissel
Chris is from Pittsburgh, PA. Chris plays guitar in June Divided.
Lenny Sasso
Lenny is from Holmdel, NJ. Lenny plays bass and synth bass in June Divided.
Keith Gill
Keith is from Dublin, Ireland. Keith plays drums and electronic percussion in June Divided.

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