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Jeneen Terrana
Terrana grew up in Buffalo, New York, and was strongly influenced by her Sicilian grandfather who sang every Sunday after dinner. "My grandfather put on a full opera," Terrana said, "he played all the characters himself." She sang in rock bands in high school and became active in local theater. After leaving Buffalo, Jeneen studies classical music and opera and began experimenting with other styles of music. With her BA in hand, she moved to New York, to dive into the local music scene.In 2002 she released her debut album "Just Me", a mix of gentle melodies and sarcastic wit, with songs that are both purge and console. Her award-winning album "My Creation" was released in 2007 with the title song setting the theme for the next few years. It was voted Wildy's world "Desert Island Disc" and "Album of the Year" and the title track voted as the number one song for the /new Year on the Alive with Clive TV show. In 2011, she released her third album "See the Light", a fresh collection of songs showing a renewed sense of maturity and insight. Jeneen's earthy, soulful vocals convey her positive spirit. It was recorded in Lawrence, Kansas over a seven day studio session. Produced by Mike West (Shawn Mullins, Chuck Brodsky) the album features a mix of love, loss, courage and heartache."See the Light" was funded by, a crowd funding website that allows fans to "fuel" projects. This combined her love of music and another passion, baking. Terrana has been baking wedding cakes and specialty treats for the past 5 years and pushed her skills even further with her RocketHub campaign. At the end of three months, she successfully raised the money to fund the new album. Her efforts then led her to the Food Network where she was feautres on "Home Made in America with Sunny Anderson". She recently launched JT's Artist Oven - her new online talk/baking show out of Queens, NY. Check it out on her video page!
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