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Embassy Tide
"We received a lot of confused looks and responses initially. Probably because we didn't even know what it would be," says Pete Seibert, the producer of the project and member of Embassy Tide. "But we knew ourselves, and we knew it would be good if we could find the budget to do it with a great ensemble of players – the way they used to record 20 years ago." Patrick Lundquist, another member of Embassy Tide and co-writer of the songs on the EP managed to catch the ear of major event producer Howard Spector. Spector heard him sing on a rough demo of Higher and immediately felt the energy and potential of the track. With a modest budget as incentive, he challenged the two to finish the EP and create a musical act in 4 weeks. Now with a budget and the chance to put something together, the two scrambled to make it happen. They brought in a phenomenal third singer and longtime friend, Andy Delong, to round out the group's sound. Patrick approached mentor Al Jarreau for advice on the songs and lyrics, while Pete began to recruit musicians and piece together the songs. A few short weeks later and a combination of experiments with pop, rock, and orchestral film music resulted in the Embassy Tide sound. A sound that secured Embassy Tide their debut performance at the American Airlines Arena in Miami for 20,000 people. Embassy Tide – the EP was released to the public in February 2011, and quickly reached the iTunes Top 10 in Vocal Music. The group is currently working on a full length studio album to be released in late summer.

Band Members

Andy DeLong
Patrick Lundquist

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