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Dawn G. Crist
Dawn G. CRIST began musical studies at the age of five-years-old, learning and playing short, classical pieces that were presented by her older sister, Jill. Crist grew up in a household filled with music, with a mother who sang light opera and a father who led locally well-known Jazz bands all through the 1930's, 40's and 50's. Dawn was initially taught how to read and play music by her father, Donald Crist. Although D.G. started with the classics and worked up to playing the full-length piano sonatas of Beethoven and Chopin, this artist had a thirst for musical exploration and improvisation. Ms. Crist initially experimented with improvisation, on the classical pieces, much to the horror of various traditionalists in the classical genre. This did not discourage the budding musician, however.

Then, in adolescence, Crist gravitated more towards Jazz piano, rhythm, and syncopation. Dawn could not get enough of it. This artist also played the Ragtime of Scott Joplin, and a childhood filled with 60's R&B and 70's Funk influenced her education, as well.

After graduating Moore College of Art and Design with a BFA in Painting and Photography, Crist attended Settlement Music School at 4th and Queen Sts., to learn more about Jazz, music theory and composition. Dawn began her music career by obtaining gigs through Settlement School and through teacher, Jazz pianist, Bill Meek, Jr.. Crist also played various venues with the Settlement School Jazz Ensemble, which included the Mellon Jazz Festival. This artist also played with such Greats as Grover Washington, Jr., Cecil Bridgewater and Max Roach. Later, she obtained gigs through different individuals and agencies, and played both solo and with bands. D.G. also spent many years playing the hotels, clubs and restaurants, in the Philadelphia area.

Ms. Crist's lively, rhythmic style has made her popular with many people, however, she is not content unless there is also composing, writing, and arranging involved. D.G. Crist is also an accomplished lyricist.

Dawn has two commercially available CD's: "Just Peace", Cadence Records, which is a collection of re-harmonized and
"funkified" Jazz standards, featuring Grover Washington, Jr., and Rosella Clemmons Washington as vocalist. Crist arranged half of the songs on the album, i.e., "My Favorite Things", "It Had to be You", "Come Sunday", and Ms. Washington's original tune, "Senor EB". Ms. Crist plays keyboards and has her own original, "The Emerald Queen", on the album, which she also arranged.

"Philly Heat Suite" SMI Records,
which was an initial recording of the main songs from Ms. Crist's musical.

Now, with more funds to create the musical treatment for "Philly Heat Suite" that she has wanted all along, it has finally come time to seek the funding needed to produce this piece in its entirety, as a full-length live-action movie.

Band Members

Dawn G. Crist
Jeff Wuollet

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