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Dave Isaacs
Nashville-based Dave Isaacs performs and records as guitarist and vocalist with swamp-rock trio DI3 alongside bassist Brook Sutton and drummer/percussionist Robert Crawford.

Dave has been called "utterly soulful" and "a musician's musician". A world-class guitarist, compelling performer, and acclaimed songwriter/composer, he has performed solo recitals in concert halls and rocked the stage at Yasgur's Farm. His musical range is apparent in his diverse CD catalog, encompassing melodic country-rock, hard-driving blues, smooth jazz grooves, and ambient acoustic music. Many artists claim their music is uncategorizable, but few musicians can so walk convincingly between stylistic lines, making music that fully fits no genre but its own.

Over seven years together as a crack Nashville rhythm section and as artists in their own right, DI3 have forged a sound that brings together New Orleans funk and soul, Nashville songcraft, and the fearless improvisational spirit of Miles Davis or Jimi Hendrix.

Band Members

Dave Isaacs - guitars, vocals, piano. Brook Sutton, Joshua Carre, Jake Willmain, Bob Stander - bass. Robert Crawford, Matt Sciaretta, Nick Buda, Steve Holley - drums

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