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Cris Valkyria
Cris Valkyria was born and raised in Norway by a non-musical family. She picked up the guitar to accompany her poetry at the age of 17 when she had left the nest to try out her flying capabilities. Though music was central to her heart, she put education first and graduated as a licensed psychologist from the University of Oslo, and managed to see quite a bit of the world before she settled in Philadelphia, USA where she currently lives with her husband and son. In Philadelphia she decided to focus on the musical aspect of her selfhood, and is currently active on the Philadelphia music scene with her band Cris Valkyria and the Opponents or as a duo with Lou Paglione; either performing original Cris Valkyria songs, or as a part of a children songs project: Cris & Lou. Cris' unique music is described as adult alternative, with a rock drive, elven flares and ethereal undertones. Her lyrics touch both the heart and the cortex, while her voice is an intoxicating blend of Nordic and Oxford English, that is almost elven in its other-worldliness. The Opponents comprises the veritable musical talent Lou Paglione, contributing on piano, bass, guitar, backup vocals and accordion. Guitar prodigy, Mark Harris on lead guitar, bass, backup vocals, and rhythmically inclined Dave Marabella on drums.

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