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Calvary National Youth Mass Choir
The Calvary National Youth Mass Choir was founded in the late 1980's under the late Bishop Willie G. Dukes and now under the spiritual guidance of Bishop Harold E. Hazzard Sr. During one of the Calvary Pentecostal Youth Conventions, the vision of the choir was inspired. The transformation of this choir would take place under the direction of Sister Sandra Hazzard. When assembled together, the choir consists of 75 dedicated choir members ranging from 3 years of age to adult and compiled from the Calvary Pentecostal Churches Reformation from Delaware, Maryland, Philadelphia and Virginia. The musical selections were inspired and written by Sandra Hazzard in January and October of 2008. The choir's main mission is that through the ministry of songs, young people will be uplifted and encouraged to give their lives to God and to know that there is hope in a hopeless situation. January 17th 2009 the choir recorded their 1st CD entitled "Calling on You Jesus". May our music touch your heart, as you continue your walk toward Jesus. Amen.

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