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Buddy King
Buddy King is a household name to those that grew up and live in Central Pennsylvania. Buddy is probably best known for his time with the 60's famed blue-eyed soul group, The MAGNIFICENT MEN. Their hit bound single "Peace of Mind" put them in the studio early on with Capitol Records and led them to be the first all-white act to headline the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Over the years, Buddy has been dealing with issues of alcohol abuse; to the point where he needed to make a decision; he was not living the kind of life that God prepared him for. Buddy checked himself in to a Christian-centered recovery program. Four months in a treatment program put Buddy back on the road to a comeback. He is now sounding better than ever.

His new gospel CD "The Joy of My Heart" includes three traditional Christian hymns and six original compositions. Nine songs that Buddy describes as "Christian Soul" Music.

Because of his dynamic sound and his powerful message, his performances are uplifting to one and all.

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