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A Mojito on the Rockz Productions
Mojito On The Rockz Production is a music group that experiments with various genres of music. It started as a School Music Club Band at the Aviation High School Of Long Island, New York led by the most diligent AP Ms. Peg Brunda. Entering the Earth Tones Song Contest hosted by three members of the band decided to collaborate on song composition about Saving Nature. They had limited time to finish the work but they all pulled it through. With Jovito Manrique IV's music compositon and Donovan Roman's and Aniver Sizan's on the lyrics they finished and mastered the song within two days. The group did not won the first place, second place nor the third place but they recieved an invitation to perform live for the contest with the rest of the winners. From there, the group realized that they have the potential to become big and be known in the music industry.

Band Members

Jovito Manrique IV Guitar

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