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Elizabeth Salvatico
Elizabeth Salvatico Elizabeth Salvatico; singer, song writer, model, recording artist and actress was born in Puebla, Mexico amongst a family of great musicians. She is a natural born performer who is comfortable and competent in the spotlight. Elizabeth began singing at the early age of four. She was greatly influenced by her father, aunt, and two uncles. They were professional musicians playing for a Rock band, Mariachi band and the Symphony. With her magnificent Latin flair, large vocal range, wholesome sexiness and high energy, she has been described as "Sarah Brightman meets Selena and Christina Aguilera." Since she moved to the US at the age of thirteen she has been influenced by all genres of music and has written and performed nearly all of them.

Elizabeth has a driving passion to spread love throughout the world in song, giving hope and encouragement to those in need. She has performed in many countries such as Mexico, Cuba and Africa. Her debut album "It All Belongs to Him" was created as a result of her mission's trip to Kenya. The love of the African people and the beauty of the country inspired her to write over 50 songs. She has performed in front of audiences of over 10,000 people at a time. Elizabeth has made many television appearances such as a world wide performance on TCT, Univision and Philadelphia's Channel 6 ABC. Currently Elizabeth is working on several different projects that show a wide range of diversity and showcase the many talents of this rising star. Supporting our troops and Vets is a big passion of hers. Future projects include her Latin album in Spanish, a project dedicated to our military community and acting roles in future films.
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