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you only live once
You Only Live Once is a female fronted rock band formed in Los Angeles, CA in 2010. Fronted by sister vocalists, Stephanie and Ariel Sanson, the group has gone from appearing on tv shows such as American Idol, The X Factor and Americas Got Talent to playing alongside some of the biggest names in the genre. Guitars are done by Valentine Everstone and Will Ventres. Drums are done by Javier. The band is currently releasing singles (with music videos) off of their debut album, "Chasing Dreams," set for release in early 2015. While You Only Live Once continues to blow up the alternative music scene but they are set out with even larger intentions: “to push pop culture into a new, exciting direction--our direction.”

Band Members

Vocalist: Stephanie, and Ariel Guitar: Valentine Bass: Ray Drums: Jared

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