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Southern born and raised singer songwriter YORRELLE is a highly talented artist with an competitively extensive range -- a mixture of strong and earthy vocals . Her debut CD, "Feels Like Love", a beautiful collection of laid back, yet powerfully inspiring songs, is an intimate portrait that reflects who she is when it comes to Loving Relationships, Love within the Family, Love for Oneself, and ultimately, Love for God. "My music strikes a chord in people and I feel that it helps to inspire," says YORRELLE. "The songs I write are ones that I have always wanted to hear growing up—raw Loves Songs that are out of joy, not pain." Released in 2010 with the partnership of the talented Chris Valentine for Woods Entertainment, it took almost four years in production and it was well worth it. From her title track to her first video-released single, "Southern Ice Tea" speaks to her roots, signifying her goals to stay down to earth and focused on making good music as she continues to thrive in her success.

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