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Tru Azul
TRU AZUL aka Blu, born Brandon Baptiste, was raised in Mount Vernon, NY [aka Murda City or The 4Squares]. Like many other minority youths, he was raised in a fatherless home. His mother had him at a young age and times were hard, but his mom tried her best to give Blu the ability to create his own limitless future. Situations caused him to grow up quickly. As the man of the house, he learned the code of the streets as a youngster and has been independent most of his life. He was first introduced to music while attending Washington Elementary, where he learned to play the violin, the trumpet and the drums. He realized his lyrical gift while writing poems and short stories everywhere he went. It became clear to Blu and those around him that he had a true talent and music would remain a huge part of his life from that point on. His versatility as an artist promises a diverse and long standing career.

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