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Tox Burner
Tox Burner is a young Artist from West Philadelphia; he has recorded & written over 30 songs. As a Solo Rap Artist Tox Burner was given his name from performing around the streets of West Philadelphia Open Mics and as he says The Hood. He recorded his first mix tape in 2002 Im What The Hood Needs. He has performed at Little Jamaica Roc The Mic Tour Contest hosted by Sunkist and Little Jamaica in Philadelphia, PA. On June 23, 2003 Tox Burner became a part of the J&R Grassroots Teen Artist Development Nonprofit Org.& J&R GrassrootsManagementCompany and what was to follow became Tox Burner Me Against The Struggle. He is well on his way to making a positive impact on the Youth in his community with his message of Ive Been Thru Things a song that speaks about his life and his struggle of trying to survive when the odds are against you. Not only has Tox Burner reached out to the Youth of his community in Philly but also to the Latino community in Bronx NY who shares & loves his message of survival in the Hood. Tox Burner has performed for J&R Grassroots Teen Artist Development Nonprofit Org .in 2 of the AIDS &HIV awareness Fundraiser/Concert also J&R Grassroots Young Talented Performers Success Fest 2004 as well as numerous Open Mics and Show Cases at the Paradise Club in Bronx NY. House of Umoja & Charlie Macks Umoja Philly Stars Talent Competition 2004 at Myers Recreation Center in Philadelphia. Tox Burner performed for the 1st Latino Hip Hop Summit VIP Party at the Paradise Club Bronx NY. Tox Burner says It is Me Against The Struggle and I will be Alright!

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