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The Morning Birds
Two worlds collided, chaos ensued, new life was formed. When the dust settled there appeared, The Morning Birds, a hybrid of sonic and spiritual understandings expressed through music, art, and moving images. There has never been such a potent mix of the eclectic, the poetic, and the spiritual. Capturing your attention on both an intrinsic and intellectual level without compromising their innate accessibility. That being said, the most apropos thing about the band is their message. Like their name suggests, they have come to wake us up. Not with a ten gun salute, but with the melodic, uninhibited sound reminiscent of beautiful birds heralding in the breaking of the dawn, calling you gently from your sleep into the light of a new day. The Quickening is a study in the power of contrast. While forming an uncanny mixture of sounds that embrace unlikely sources, the band's sound is both familiar and mysterious, groovy yet mellow, profound but fun. It is often times ground breaking. Their powerful bass lines, lush harmonies and soulful strings are complimented by break beats, trumpets, and cascading piano while Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus' vocals unfold into a gentle blend as if Imogen Heap met Andre 3000.

Band Members

Jennifer Thorington
Samuel Markus

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