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Singin' Sam Little
Sam Little

born:February 28,1942

Sam has played guitar and written songs since he was 8 yrs old. Sam has been recording Country Music for over 45 years. He has also been driving truck all his life--from logging trucks and cattle hauling to hauling produce and household as well as the long pipe trucks on the Kamikaze Trail in Alaska for the building of the Alaska Pipeline in the 70's. Now, Sam is using his music to send out messages throughout his campaigns. With Trucker Shutdown and Redneck Nation, Sam is working on building rallies throughout the USA. Help support his campaigns by purchasing some of his music, and share with everyone you know! Check to see what Sam is doing in Politics. Visit his sites and share your thoughts and ideas! Truck Driver For President in 2012?
Thank you!

Band Members

Sam Little
Denise Little

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