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Shannon Roberts
Shannon is truly a shining star. With her powerhouse vocals and professional stage presence, she has led some of the region's top bands such as the Portland Blues Broads, Bambini and the Curves, Haywire, The Stage Door Johnnies and her current band Cover Story. She has performed at the Vancouver Jazz Festival, Portland Trail Blazers games, Winter Hawk games, the Crystal Ballroom, Rose Garden and Portland Coliseum also recording at the famous "Kung Foo Bakery Recording Studio" in Portland. Shannon is able to perform a wide range of styles and genres and she never fails to wow audiences. Today Shannon is working on exposing her talent across the country. Please help and support her in her adventure by being apart of her support system through Conquer Entertainment. A Little Bio: Shannon started singing in her grandfathers recording studio at age 5 . Her mother Cindy Littlefield was also a professional singer and Shannon would watch her mother on stage but never thought she could be so brave to perform herself. On Shannon's 21st birthday her friends secretly entered her into a singing contest as a joke and when Shannon heard her name called she got up and sang for the 1st time EVER! And in front of 300 people, winning the whole thing. At the end of the night the owner, Taska Barlow, hired Shannon to sing and this is where she began her journey. Shannon has been singing for many years perfecting her craft, paying her dues and lead singing for many bands over the years and her journey is not over, it's just beginning. A little Note: I still can't believe I have performed at such great venues, with such fantastic musicians and supportive fans who would all walk to the ends of the earth for me . I sing and perform because I was given a gift and I want all who meet me to know, I am truly grateful for my talent.

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