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Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie is a singer/songwriter, record producer, and pianist. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, she recorded in the same studio as the iconic Gerald Levert, (RIP) and the Rude Boys. In Cleveland she had a national released song featured on Clear Channel’s Radio Station 93.1 WZAK. Nicole Marie developed into an accomplished singer/songwriter being invited to open up as a musical act for the Summer Extension Jam fest held by the largest Clear Channel radio stations in her home town of Cleveland, Ohio. Opening up for artists such as NSync, wild orchid (Fergie) John B, Silk, and many other celebrities, performing for audiences with over 40,000 people. While in Cleveland she was runner up as American Idols top 10 singers in Cleveland Ohio, performing at the Rock n Roll Hall of fame.
Nicole Marie grew up listening to Anita Baker, Earth Wind and Fire, Shalamar, Elvis Presley, the Carpenters, Stevie Nicks, Guns and Roses, Hall & Oates, Mary J Blige, Music Soul Child and many more. With a good range of R&B tones, and a husky texture and soulfulness, this talented singer is working her way up the music industry ladder with sheer determination and hard work, never compromising her morals, or dignity, and staying true to who she is. Her lyrics usually touch upon topics like empowerment, love, and heartbreak. Her career began when she moved to New York, moving to East Harlem’s 1199 building on 110th and 1st avenue. While in New York she was knocking on doors left and right, but was left with a lot of late nights and broken promises. She realized with her brothers help and guidance that she needed to create her own lane, that’s when she Co-founded Rock Me with her brother, back in the day which included the hit show “The Round Table” with Lenny S, Mya the B, and Big Lite, and the multifaceted Gemini Keez. This platform allowed Nicole to create relationships and build with people over the course of many years.
Magic happened when she collaborated and worked with Legendary DJ Ron G, who gave Nicole Marie a platform to display her talents not only as a singer but as a songwriter as well. Nicole Marie is truly grateful for the guidance and opportunity DJ Ron G gave her. Nicole Marie released 3 singles with Ron G “Handle Your Business” ‘Be With You” (Video directed by Cleveland’s Own Coach K Exclusive), and her NEW Single with Ron G titled “Someone For Me”! Nicole Marie worked alongside Vodkilla DJ’s, Nerve DJ’s, Fleet DJ’s, MP3 Wax, and all DJ Coalitions to promote the singles. Both songs were written by Nicole Marie and produced by DJ Ron G. She also released with Ron G an exclusive track titled “I’m the one they chasing.” Nicole Marie graced the Cover of that Splash Magazine for her single “Handle Your Business.”
Currently Nicole Marie performed at the Greensboro North Carolina Coliseum for Conquer Entertainment and Won their contest “Battle of the Booth” Nicole is super excited to work alongside Conquer Entertainment,, and MarketAmerica. She is currently working on her trend shops on
Nicole Marie started writing for other artists in New York, and recorded background vocals for variety of artists. Nicole Marie recorded in Marley Mall’s studio for his artist at the time, Byata (VH1 Miss Rap Supreme). In addition Nicole Marie has worked with Grammy Award winning Rockwilder, Rocky Laurent, Brad Puette, and D- Blocks own Super Producer Vinny Idol, introduced to her by the innovative man himself (Money L), who believed in Nicole’s talents. While working with Vinny she released “Days Are Harder” an R&B/Pop Ballad that she wrote, about going harder in life, and not being a victim of her circumstances. Days Are Harder is produced by Vinny Idol. (Video by J Madd Beats). Nicole Marie just recently wrapped up a studio session with Vinny and has more songs in the works. When Nicole Marie was just entering the New York Scene, Dollarmentary orchestrated her Mix-Tape titled “Beauty and the Bea

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