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International Recording artist Murdakkh from Building Better Music LLc
is the crowd favorite for new independent artist Murdakkh is thrilled to be
part of Conquer Entertainment. Murdakkh has been seen on
(one of the largest entertainment news websites in the United States),
the The Washington Times, and Niji Magazine (London Premiere site for
news entertainment and fashion). Murdakkh has been a VH1 save the
music Artist since 2012. He has opened up for Multi platinum artist
such as Treach from Naughty by Nature, Mr Vegas and Doitall from the
Legendary group Lords of the undergrounds.

This Belize artist from Teaneck NJ is currently working on his new
single #SETMEFREE with Lucille Pierre from Boston Massachusetts. The
song touches on Hurricane Sandy, the historic storm that made land
fall in New Jersey. Lucille has been featured on Murdakkh new album
Anakin Seed Episode 1 which is out now. Concentrating on the
experience Murdakkh and Building Better Music are working on the Pure
Quality Tour which will kick off in the Summer 2015. Check back for
more updates!

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