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Lost Elysium
Lost Elysium balances its symphonic, hard, driving rock style with raw and unforgettable melodies that highlight the, almost, recklessly intimate lyrics. Most often compared to bands like Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Lacuna Coil because of the powerhouse vocals of lead singer Ashley Elle and the resonating lyrics she writes. Lost Elysium has garnered much attention with their successful sampler EP.

Lost Elysium's co-founder, songwriter, and guitarist Lee Muller acknowledges these bands as influences, but his own roots are in punk and blues and it is those elements that round out the Lost Elysium sound. Muller acknowledges that combining it all was anything but easy. “The first six months was a trial and error period to flush out our sound, finding the right mix and define our vision. Ashley and I knew we were motivated and dedicated but it took time to coalesce. It was not until the addition of our powerful rhythm section, Ricky Guard (Drums) and Jorge Cardona (Bass) that all the pieces fell into place. We’ve never been more unified and excited.” says Lee Muller. Since the addition, Lost Elysium has opened up for international bands such as The Agonist, The Bunny The Bear, Saliva, and Lacuna Coil. Lost Elysium, not content to rest on their laurels, has recorded their new full length album titled Volume I: Destiny’s Bullet. The much anticipated album was recorded at legendary Watchmen Studios and is slated for release this summer. Ashley Elle says, “this is just the beginning.”

Band Members

Vocals/Keys - Ashley Elle Guitars - Lee Muller Drums - Ricky Guard Bass - Jorge Cardona

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