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Kiirstin Marilyn
In October of 2011, Kiirstin Kuhi, found herself at a crossroads.

She had served as the dynamic front person and co-songwriter for several different bands since 2005, from progressive post-hardcore band Ground to Machine to genre-bending piano rock band Verity In Stereo. Inspired and motivated by the successes of each act, but seeking to grow as an artist, Kiirstin Marilyn was born.

Her debut EP, "Something to Die For," released in March of 2012, produced by Brian DeNeeve (From Autumn to Ashes) and Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw), marked the beginning of an extremely personal journey that Kiirstin dared to share with anyone who would listen. With each release, Kiirstin revealed more and more of herself, her struggles and successes, professional and private, to the world. Her sophomore EP, "Ghosts," produced by Benny Reiner, continued that trend, as she opened up about her political and social views and shared deeply personal heartbreaking stories through her lyrics set to hard hitting beats.

With the release of her latest single, "She," co-written and co-produced by Justin Ardolino, Kiirstin proves to have grown not only as an artist, but as a human, fully aware of the world around her. "She" is a song of female empowerment. What started as a simple song about her refugee grandmother turned into a ballad of epic proportions which aspires to be an anthem for all women. Stream "She" now across all platforms - all proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood.

Kiirstin is currently working on her latest single, tentatively titled "No Country for Odd Men," with producer Adam Tilzer. Keep up with Kiirstin at and​

Band Members

Kiirstin Marilyn - Vocals, Lyrics, Mic Cable Manipulator
A singer since age 10, Kiirstin began her formal training at age 14. Classically trained with a background in musical theater, Kiirstin has starred in such productions as Cabaret, The Mystery of Edwin Drood (title character), Pippin, Hello, Dolly! (title character), Crazy for You, and many more. In later years Kiirstin began writing lyrics, and during college, while studying theater performance, began writing songs. A year out of college, Kiirstin joined a band and began pursuing a music career full time.

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