Kathleen Swann
Natural wellness workshop leader and Registered Nurse, Kathleen Swann has been utilizing music therapy and progressive muscle relaxation throughout her nursing career to create positive changes in her patients' emotional and mental states. This has led to the development of her relaxation series, Relax with Swann. With a strong belief in the powerful mind-body-spirit connection, she recorded guided imagery stories aimed at easing stress and promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.

Band Members

Ken Kaufman
Ken Kaufman is Western New York's most prolific composer, having penned hundreds of jingles, several musicals and two feature films. From his studies at Eastman, to his years in "The Road" and as organist for the Sabres, Ken brings his eclectic talents to his jingle company, Adsongs as well as to Relax with Swann.
Kaufman has captured sounds from around the world in these albums. His soothing melodies complement the narrative performed by Kathleen Swann. Enjoy the instrumentals as well as the progressive muscle relaxation versions.

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