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Justin Turk
Justin Turk - Singer Songwriter      Justin Turk is a singer song writer native to the New Jersey and currently residing in Pennsylvania. Since 2006 Justin has been conquering the local music scene from New York to Miami. His ability to captivate audiences with his rock/country style in combination with his powerful vocal range is like no other. He plays multiple instruments but often accompanies himself on the guitar. His song writing is equipped with the hook to reel you in. With lyrics you can relate to and catchy melodies that are sure catch your attention.        Justin Turk has  made some buzz over the years working along side many of the music industries leading companies and corporations. Some of which include Pre-School of Rock, EBE talent, Gorilla Productions and Conquer Entertainment.  Justin continues to expand his expertise and ability to share the joy of music with the world. Turk Music is glad to announce our new partnership with Century Music Group! Big things are to come for this young musician.        Justin Turk plans to release a new EP with CMG before the end of 2019. Make sure to sign up for his mailing list where you can receive all the latest updates for his music and show dates.    
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