Genre: Alternative/Indie | Country | Rock

Hometown: Morrisville , PA

Certified Artist Developer: Chuck Diee

Music Meets Lifestyle:

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Justin Turk

Philadelphia, based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Justin Turk sows a message of love through the universal language of music. Justin is proud to have released one full lenght album along with a number of singles including "Danger" and "To Love Again". The most recent release was ... read more >


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New Music by Justin Turk

New music now available for streaming on Youtube. Dont miss the premeir of Justin Turks new studio session performed live from HopeTown Sound Studios.  View the new songs here

Live online show

Hello Turkinators,       Justin Turk Music is happy to announce that we will now be hosting a Facebook Live event once a month! The show will start at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on the first Monday of every month. So come tune in and enjoy some live music in the confort of your own home! Tune in at:  
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Turk Alert! - Streaming sites

Did you know that you can find Justin Turk Music on all streaming platforms? Spotify, Amazon, Itunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, Pandora and more! Dont forget to add Justin Turk Music to your favorite play list. Follow on Spotify to get notified of new realeses coming soon! Just copy and paste the link below.
Justin Turk Live @ Curtains Bar and Resturant

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