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Jenni Spiro
New Jersey, singer/songwriter Jenni Spiro grew up into a life of music. The only child of two working musicians, performing and writing rock music has been her driving desire since a young age. Her father is the keyboard player/vocalist ‘Mongo’ for “The Nerds,” and her mother is a bassist and lead vocalist for several New Jersey–based bands. Witnessing Jenni’s aptitude to sing at an early age, her parents supported her to cultivate her gift of music.
Jenni’s talent was first noticed at the age of three, singing pitch perfect covers atop a milk crate to a reporter for the local news, who had heard of her musical aspirations and covered a story on the young star. Not long after at the age of seven Jenni began writing songs, and by the time she turned 15 she was playing the bass and acoustic guitar.
Continuing her devotion to music Jenni went on to run an open-mic night at a local venue along with her own team of backup musicians.
When the club changed hands Jenni developed her first original band, “Brokeface Girl,” showcasing her powerful voice and hard-edged songs. Constantly evolving her magnetic stage presence, Jenni went on in 2009 to debut an eclectic mix of trendy covers with the formation of her former cover band “Abandoned.” In 2011 she began working with The Benjamins - a well known NJ Band that is popular for clubs, corporate events and weddings.
Jenni relentlessly delivers captivating songs and enchants audiences. Her brand of rock is unlike any other; the timeliness of her music is unhindered by the addition or subtraction of instruments. Whether she is performing original music or cover music - Jenni makes each song uniquely her own.
On stage her dynamic presence and intoxicating voice continue to make her a driving force. Today Jenni works full time in music and and by performing with different bands and musicians in many different venues - Jenni displays multiple facets of her vocal abilities at every performance.

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