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Half Past Human
Half Past Human Band Bio HALF PAST HUMAN is metal band from all over New England. Jesse Mench-Thurlow, who plays guitar, is currently living in Salisbury, Mass. Shawn Combs, drummer, lives in Vergennes, VT. Isaiah Reed, vocals, is currently living in Middlebury, VT. Benjamin Wimett, who plays the bass, resides in White River Junction, VT. Ian Boise, who also play guitar, lives in Lebanon, NH. So as you can see, they live all over the place. They play metal as it should be played; straight to the point. They practice hard play and work harder. All of them know hard work. Playing metal is a passion they all share. It is their release, and it is who they are. Half Past Human is and will continue to be not only a band, but a brotherhood. They are brothers and treat each other in that way. They are musicians, every one of them. They bring all sorts of different skills and abilities to the table that add to music they create, as you will see. They love the music they make, and many who hear it love it as well. They have played shows all over VT, NH, MA, and NY. They have played places like Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT, at which they always draw a crowd. The pits get crazy and the attendees are always very responsive. They enjoy playing all sorts of venues and, until recent, have set up all their own shows. They have arranged shows at places like local legion halls and put ads on local radio stations. They all understand the business end as well as the musical end. Half Past Human is a force to be reckoned with. With the current state and lineup of the band, they will continue to prosper and grow. The envelope has already been pushed. Get ready for Half Past Human. GET SOME!!!

Band Members

Jesse Mench-Thurlow
Isaiah Reed

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