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Go Big
Friends got together and rocked and rolled- that’s Go Big. With a sound that is as large and diverse as its members, Go Big is challenging established musical sounds and gaining great recognition and praise on the unsuspecting Long Island music scene. The dynamic sound sweeping the island combines skillful songwriting and professional musicianship, propelled by intense energy given off by every member of the band. Live, Go Big commands the stage with; instrument-switching, a blend of male and female vocals, and a pure rock and roll electric energy that will have you singing along, clapping your hands and wondering how going home was ever an option.

Band Members

Jessica Coen - Vocals, Violin, Percussion Jason Rutcofsky - Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Banjo, Harmonica Joe Masterson - Drums, Vocals Michael Rutcofsky - Bass Noreen LaNasa - Trumpet, Mellophone, Piano, Percussion, Vocals Stephen Saylor - Lead Guitar, Piano Dave Solomon - Trombone, Guitar, Vocals Steve Garcia - Trumpet Willie Rutcofsky - Dog

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