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Genevieve Rose
When Genevieve Rose wrote the song SOS ("Save My Body, Save My Soul") she was looking for a singer to perform it, that had Heart and Soul. After hearing Taylor Hicks "America Idol Winner" sing "Do I Make You Proud", she knew that her song would be perfect for him. The rest is history. Newly released, the song SOS ("Save My Body, Save My Soul") is now selling worldwide. After Genevieve Rose's musician husband died in the early 80's she left the music business and fell on hard times. During this struggle she often asked herself how homeless Children survive. To bring about Worldwide Awareness to the Plight of Millions of Abandoned and Orphaned Children, Genevieve Rose wrote the song SOS ("Save My Body, Save My Soul"), and the rest is history. Please share this song with your friends and co-workers and ask them to donate to which is the website for SOS Children's Villages - USA. SOS Children's Villages was founded in 1949 to provide familes and homes for orphaned and abandoned Children Worldwide. Today there are over 456 Villages in 132 countries Around the World. I hope you enjoy the song! Thanks and Appreciation to Conquer Entertainment for helping me distribute this Song. Peace, Genevieve Rose, Songwriter/Singer.

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