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Fifth Freedom
Since its inception in the early 2000's, Fifth Freedom has struggled and fought for every inch it has gained, intent on bringing its own unique blend of heavy hitting, hard rock music to the masses. Songs that tell stories of what it is to be human, songs that hit hard and leave a lasting impact on their listeners – music that isn't afraid to be loud, aggressive and in-your-face while still touching on the subjects everyone can relate to. From the very first note to the last sustained chord, Fifth Freedom is a musical force to be reckoned with.

Fronting this band and owing much to its continued success is founding member; Alan Jones. An extremely well versed musician, there seems to be no instrument he can't conquer. While being primarily the band's lead vocalist, Alan is also an experienced guitarist – known to pick up his trusty Gibson Les Paul "Melody" and wail away for a few songs – as well as being a highly successful songwriter, having written the basis (if not more) for most of Fifth Freedom's library of original songs. His dedication and passion to his craft leaves him the undisputed leader and heart of Fifth Freedom.

To Alan's side as both a good friend and lead guitar player is the long and lanky, Nicholas Little. A seasoned guitar player in his own right, Nick brings to the table his own blend of hard rock and metal styled leads. His series of screaming and wailing solos can be heard emanating from his dependable Les Paul, sometimes being complimented by his Floyd Rose tremolo work. His playing adds some impressive flair to each song, topping off the contributions of his fellow bandmates.

Alan's right hand man and second longest serving member of Fifth Freedom is Mike "Scarpo" Scarpelli. Blasting out his intuitive rock and funk driven bass lines, "Scarpo" adds another dimension to the band's music. His incredible knowledge of his instrument allows him to play a variety of different styles that add entirely new elements to each song while at the same time being able to back up Alan with vocal harmonies – an excellent and not easily replaced portion of the band.

Last but not least is Gary Marston, Fifth Freedom's drummer and elected "band father figure". Gary's years of experience prior to his involvement with Fifth Freedom have left him with an immense set of skills that he injects into his playing. These skills allow Gary to produce a thunderous and rock solid rhythm from behind the drum kit, with each drum fill expertly timed and executed elevating the music to an entirely new level. Without Gary's contributions, Fifth Freedom would've never made it to where it is today.

Band Members

Alan Jones – Lead Vocals
Lead & Rhythm Guitars

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