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Evan Coles
I'm originally from Harlem, New York. I could always sing but I was too shy to sing in front of an audience. At the age of 12 my family moved to Plainfield Illinois for 4 years. During those 4 years I would slowly come out of my shyness by singing to my close friends and by 8th grade I was singing in front of larger groups; but I was still too shy to perform in front of crowds.
After I finished 9th grade, my family and I moved back to NY. This time, moving to upstate New York, where I attended Monroe Woodbury High School. I was surrounded by new faces that would soon encourage me to use my talents, and with the support from my friends and my drive to conquer my fears, pushed me to perform.
After graduating I knew that I had to show my talents to the world so I started slowly but surely preparing myself to do shows and writing and recording my own music and that's exactly what I did, I started working with producers all over the city, I found dancers and I began rehearsing and then I started looking for shows that I could do. I was performing in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn, anywhere I could be booked.
I love what I do, and I will never stop, after all I was born on the same day as Michel Jackson. No matter how rich and famous I become I will always come home and still do the dishes. LOL! My mother said it will keep me grounded.
I am filled with energy, always positive very goal orientated, and I'm a hard worker always striving for perfection in all that I do, I always want to give people a good show always keeping them entertained.
I've been told that I sound like many top selling artists Because of my smooth vocals and fun and explosive dance style. Yet I strive to have my own unique sound. No Matter how difficult this journey maybe, I will never wish for it to become easier. I will just have to get better at what I do!
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