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Eriq Troi
Days after a performance by Eriq Troi and his touring band, while your ears are still ringing, your chest is still pounding, and your neck is still sore from bobbing your head like a bobble-head doll on No-Doze, you will remember Eriq Troi's Ghetto-Metal Rock "n Soul. Need any reminders? What - you forgot? Just let him strap on his bass. No, let him get behind a set of drums. Better yet - let him blow the speakers out of the amp with one riff on his Fender.

By now, it should be clear that Baby Face or Brian McKnight, Eriq Troi isn't. This artist is more like Jimi Hendrix meets Me'shell Ndege'ocello or Bootsy Collins meets Lenny Kravitz. Because of Eriq Troi's mixture of poetry, funk, rock and even classical influences, the only way to describe the result is, again, Ghetto-Metal Rock "n Soul. The key ingredient, however would be Funk. To deny The Funk would be likened to blasphemy for Eriq Troi.

A native of Akron, Ohio, Eriq Troi was born and literally raised on Ohio funk. At the age of five, he knew how to set up and take down the drum set for his uncle's band, Future, who played nearly all the festivals and a good number of clubs and parties. By age seven, he was already performing live. He's performed all over the world: England, Spain Germany, Japan and other parts of Europe. Now he's landed in Ohio and still keeping the funk going.

Be sure to check out one of Eriq Troi's Sight Sound and Word Productions. You will definitely be glad you did. e

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