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Inspired by the Rave scene, the newcomer changed his name to Jon Perez and created the alias name DJ Big and founded J. BIG PRODUCTIONS. This artist has been steady promoting his music world wide on Myspace and Facebook. Began working with dance party promoters like: Love, Music, Dance (LMD), Krave, Magic and 3DC Entertainment in bringing people to these events. He established relationships with local DJ's like Vibe Shock, DJ Narkotix and Chris Steele. Is now working with Producer and Rap Artist Karim in getting his music onto radio and creating online distrubution. At this moment he is in the process of scheduling meetings with executives at record companies for real time distrubution. The new business owner is now inititiating new friendships with investors to expand his business by buying new equipment, to create a live show, and to set up headquarters for his operations. The young entrepeneur has been designing and printing t-shirts for sale that now available on the internet.

He is now preparing a new album for release called "Full Filling a Dream". The album is about hope and unrellenting faith that now matter where you come from and no matter what the conditions are; dreams can be achieved. It is a collection of the new sounds he is capturing in his new musical Renaissance. His goal is to become a music and media mogul that will create a musical legacy for generations to come. If you ask the once child prodigy "What would he have anything differently?", he would tell you that "I see now where I could of cut some corners in my life and career. But like Frank Sinatra and Usher, I did it "My Way". God help me!".

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