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C-VEDO aka B.I.G. Face
Chris "C-Vedo" Navedo
Age: 25
From: Tampa, FL

I am known in Tampa as C-Vedo or B.I.G. Face. The area of music that I am most passionate about is rap. I have been rapping and making music for my own personal enjoyment for the last few years, but everyone who hears my songs says that my songs are hot and I need to get signed, so I decided to shop around for a label. I write all my own lyrics and make all my own beats. I have been working on creating a full CD and I am getting ready to distribute and promote it around Tampa and other areas of Southwest Florida. I have been performing at parties around the Tampa area, and I am currently working on getting booked to
do some performances at local night clubs. I have had sit downs with Sony, Jive, and some other independent records labels, but nothing they offered really caught my attention. I don't really have one singular style or type of rap that I
could be classified under. I like to think of myself as versatile and enjoy making different songs depending on what I'm feeling at the time. None of my songs sound the same. Rapping and beat-making are things that I have had a strong enthusiasm about for my entire life. I spent my college and high school years djing for parties for friends and acquaintances. I have a strong following on MySpace and I have several promotional videos circling the internet.

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