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Conquer Compilation Album
Conquer Entertainment's mission centers on revolutionizing the way music and all forms of entertainment are marketed, produced and ultimately delivered to the end consumer. With Conquer Entertainment, UnLabel Owners are empowered to manage and operate their own record label — complete with a proven system, unlimited support, and the necessary tools and to do so — while providing a platform for emerging artists to expose their music to the world. The highly anticipated release of Conquer Entertainment's Compilation Album, is sure to make the airwaves with new and exclusive material from major and independent/unsigned artists itching to become entrepreneurs. Conquer Entertainment's new compilation will be the first of many on the map of the music industry, and all over radio and internet world-wide. Conquer Entertainment's Unlabel concept allows artists to run their career without a major label and STILL BECOME SUCCESSFUL!!! Conquer Entertainment is determined to be the next paradigm shift in the music and entertainment industry, and be the first to make an artist a household name without the use of a music label. Through the power of One-to-One marketing, an artist can make himself or herself an entrepreneur by owning an UnLabel Business and have the potential to earn as much as the top stars currently on the charts. Conquer Entertainment presents to you our first album featuring songs from Justina, JB, PM Dawn, King Charlton, Rhonda LaRoy, Shiragirl, The Second Look Band, Six Minutes In, and Rodrigo. These songs are exclusive through Conquer Entertainment and can't be found anywhere else so make sure you download your copy now!!!!

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