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Carolyn Messina
Carolyn J. Messina, Singer/Songwriter/Musician
Carolyn Messina's music can best be described as Acoustic Folk/Pop/Rock. She's a 39-yr old singer/songwriter, a girl with a guitar, a story-teller whose songs about life, love, loss and more come from personal life experiences which nearly everyone can relate to. (Recommended if you like Jewel, Indigo Girls, Joan Baez, Melissa Etheridge, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Fleetwood Mac, Sara Evans)
In 2009, Carolyn recorded and produced her first CD of original music "Carolyn J. Messina - Singer/Songwriter." This 12-Track CD includes some of her most popular songs, "Walls," "Give Me Strength," and her 9/11 Tribute Song, "The Fall (9/11)."

Her sophomore CD, "Second Chances" is in final production and will be released this spring. This 10-Track CD will include "Pretend," "Better Try Again," and title track "Second Chances."

Carolyn has been playing the piano since the age of 4. She taught herself guitar at the age of 10, wrote poems at age 12, and started writing music at the age of 13. In high school, she accompanied the choir on piano and also played keyboard in the school's award-winning jazz band. At the age of 15, she had surgery on both her wrists to repair tendon and tissue damage from "playing piano too much." After a year of physical therapy on her hands and wrists, she was able to play piano again, but not with the same dexterity she would need to play professionally. At 17, she performed one of her original songs for the first time in public (at her high school talent show); but at the time, that was the extent of her pursuit of being a songwriter. At age 18, a senior in high school, she was in a serious car accident and the head injuries she sustained left her with little or no memory of her life before the accident – names, faces, events were all a blur. Fortunately, she retained the ability to play music. And even though she could not remember the songs she had previously written, she had a box of cassette tapes and handwritten lyric sheets in her room – so her "original recordings" were preserved.
Carolyn graduated from William Paterson College in 1994 with a degree in Communications. She worked for various broadcast public relations firms, including DWJ Television in Ridgewood, New Jersey. While at DWJ, she had the opportunity to compose and record many instrumental works for public service announcements, corporate videos, educational films and documentaries. She received several industry awards for music created for a Habitat for Humanity "Women Raise the Roof" documentary (1998) about an all-women build in Paterson, New Jersey; as well as a special film for Christie's Auction House (1996) on the Mauerbach Sale, a collection of items originally seized by the Nazis which were being sold for the benefit of the victims of the Holocaust. For the past 20 years, Carolyn has been actively involved in the music ministry at her church, singing in the choir, as well as playing piano, guitar and bass in their Contemporary Christian ensemble. She has also been Music Minister on several Cornerstone parish retreats and Archdiocesan Cursillo retreats. Carolyn's involvement with the Archdiocese of Newark Youth and Young Adult Ministry began in January 2009 when she performed music at Essex County's Theology on Tap. In February, she also conducted a workshop on Peer Ministry at Youthfest 2009. In February 2010, she was the opening act for keynote speaker Tony Melendez at Youthfest 2010. She is currently pursuing a Certificate in Youth Ministry at Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology at Seton Hall University. Carolyn continues to write songs and, at the age of 39, with the support and encouragement of her friends, family and Christian Community, is finally pursuing her childhood dream. She has already performed at legendary clubs such as The Bitter End in NYC and The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. She performs frequently at coffeehouses in New York and New Jersey, as well as Music at the Mission and The Folk Project's Minstrel Coffeehouse. She currently performs live (vocal/guitar) at Gencarelli's Cucina in Montclair, NJ during their dinner service every Thursday and Sunday night.
Here's what people are saying about Carolyn Messina and her music: "Carolyn Messina is a classic Singer/Songwriter in the traditional style singing heartfelt songs with a message. She sings and plays guitar beautifully and warms your soul with her original style, always leaving you wanting just one more. Don't miss her!" ~ Larry Oakes, Founder of Singer/Songwriter Sessions, The Bitter End, NYC "Carolyn Messina's CD more than captures the passion and real life experiences that she so eloquently expresses through her music… Ms. Messina is a shot of adrenaline in the arm of the today's music industry. Carolyn needs to be heard, she needs to be the future of music." ~ Jon Mallek, Owner, The Fine Grind in Little Falls "This song [The Fall] needs to be recorded and played on every radio station across the country by next September." ~ Jim Testa, editor of the online music magazine Jersey Beat (after hearing Carolyn Messina perform the song at the Jersey Idol Finals in 2009) "Carolyn puts into music many of the same thoughts, feelings, passion and hopes we all share, but are not talented enough…to put them together and make intensely personal songs. All of her songs are personal journeys, as opposed to general thoughts. So if you're looking for a CD filled with songs with provoking lyrics that will keep you in deep thought, look no further… just pick up her CD, Singer/Songwriter. And tell your friends to do the same." ~ Bill King, Music Photographer/Videographer "Carolyn's music is very beautiful. It seems to reflect honestly on a lot of what has been presented to her spiritually, economically, emotionally and socially throughout her life. Her sound, her lyrics, even the melody of her music reminds me a lot of Joan Baez. Very beautiful, very strong and thought provoking." ~ Rachael Perrell, The Levee Breaking (a Support-the-Arts Project the presents showcases of independently released albums) "Carolyn Messina's CD is a compilation of beautiful and heartfelt songs, reflecting her immense talent brilliantly. Listening to her music, you can't help but feel that it came straight from her heart - it has a very unique sound that one won't hear from the typical mainstream artist. She's definitely going far in her musical aspirations, and I hope millions of people will be exposed to her touching CD - it's definitely one of the best undiscovered works I've heard in a long time." ~ Kostadin Kamcev, Mozart Studio

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