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AnnaMarie has served in music, youth, and young adult ministries for more than twenty years at the parish, diocesan, and national levels. As a music minister, AnnaMarie served as worship leader at Sunday mass, at parish/diocesan/national events, and at catechetical sites at the international World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia.

While very passionate about music, youth, and young adult ministries, AnnaMarie also enjoys traveling by car, plane, train, and cruise-ship with her husband visiting family, friends, theme-parks, and tourist attractions throughout the US and internationally.

Quotes for the journey:
"A long, healthy, and happy life is the result of making contributions, of having meaningful projects that are personally exciting and contribute to and bless the lives of others." - Unknown

"There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life." - Unknown

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