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His songs bring together, in a unique and enchanting whole, widely diverse musical rhythms and styles. In the same way, Alessandro, reflects the distinctly different lines of ethnic heritage and cultural influences that have given shape to his life. A true world citizen and the child of a marriage uniting East and West - his parents are natives, respectively, of Iran and of Italy - Alessandro spent his earliest years in Italy, loving and absorbing the sounds of musical forms ranging from opera to jazz, blues, and pop.

A prolific songwriter, Alessandro was also trained in voice technique and self-taught in guitar, piano, and in the use of Afro-Latino percussion. Alessandro is today recognized as much for the uplifting spirit of his songs and the soul-stirring quality of their lyrics as for his musical skills and warm and soothing voice. Beginning in his youth, Alessandro toured the continent as lead vocal for a European youth group called "Light in the Darkness," dedicated to spreading through their music a message of unity and peace. Later, during an extended residence in Colombia, South America, he immersed himself in the deep waters of rhythm and sound that form the musical ocean of Sabor Latino, performing on radio and television and participating as a guest at several music festivals. In the United States, Alessandro has collaborated artistically with a number of renowned artists and producers.

His love for music and the performing arts, his love for people of all races, creed and culture, his firm conviction that artists are essentially story tellers, whose tales should uplift the heart and call to the higher, noble nature of the human being, his vision for the future of this beautiful planet, - all these permeate this first recorded suite of Alessandro's songs. They are offered with the hope that they may point the way to that quest for beauty that is at the heart of all human endeavor.

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