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4-0 is a remarkable artist achieving new heights every day. He has developed his music phenomenon from experiences such as opening up for T.I., Common, Snoop Dogg and many other artists, as well as going to the Urban Music Awards in New York; he has been spreading his unique music all over the United States. From a creative flow, to mouth dropping pronounced lyrics and a strong delivery, he definitely stands out unlike any other artist.

Besides being an inspiring artist he has many different talents from being a producer, a song writer, engineer and entertainer. With his full entourage of talent he has a quality to him and a skill about him that when performing and making music he captures the attention of everyone around him. His music has been acquired by local radio stations, as well as providing entertainment at popular venues across the United States. He's done mix tapes with top notch DJ's and much more. He has the dedication and determination to take his music to a new pinnacle having an impact on the world.

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