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Suzanne Monroe

"Music keeps me in the moment! Music is my life's ambition. I ask myself; what would life be without music?" ~ Suzanne Marie Monroe Suzanne Monroe was born on May 12, 1987, in the town of Pittsford, New York. She was born into a musical family, as her parents were professional musicians who performed extensively both on the stage and in educational settings. Naturally, surrounded by the sound of stringed instruments and voices singing, Suzanne was influenced and formed by her musical environment. Having three older siblings, who were also musically gifted and involved with their parents in performance, she did not question that someday she would join them on stage as well. At an early age, she recalls improvising on the piano with her brother, Nicholas, playing the guitar. Another highlight of her earlier years she comments on; "I can easily remember when my father suggested that I keep a journal like he did, and keeping a journal has had a major affect on writing lyrics for my songs." At fourteen she wrote her first song, "Namotion" about life's constant changes. At fifteen she was performing frequently in Rochester, New York with her father, Dennis Monroe, and her sister, Mary Shannon at venues such as Waterstreet Music Hall, The Park Ave Festival, and Daily Perks. In 2003 Suzanne won a contest to perform at The Monroe County Fair and was featured on local television. Her song "Images of Beauty" written about seeing the beauty beyond what's in front of you, was featured on NPR. While living in Lexington, Kentucky (2004-2009) she joined her brother, Michael Monroe's band with a succession of performances in the area. Recently, in August, 2011, she co-produced her first music video, "Wondering Out" with videographer, Victoria Franchi, which can be viewed on youtube. The song was engineered and produced by Michael Monroe, who also performed lead guitar and vocals for the recording. Suzanne currently lives in Rochester where she keeps an active performance schedule and continues with her song writing. Additionally, Monroe's fans can look forward to the release of her new CD that will be featuring her original, innovative, jazzy music.


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