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Sibie LaVoz
Sibie was born Oct. 21, 1980. Her mother (a gospel singer/songwriter) is the source of Sibie's voice, passion and drive in her music. At a young age, Sibie's mother made it her mission to educate he daughter in the skill of harmonizing and developing her own sound. Sibie's upbringing in the Christian faith, and her belief in God have given her the strength to overcome every situation she's faced in life thus far...

Being the daughter of a singer and a Pastor's grand daughter, Sibie's childhood was not the ordinary. She sang on television with her church choir, led by her mother; sang background vocals in her mother's second album entitled "De Lagrimas A Perlas" in translation meaning From Tears To Pearls. She was a part of the Children's ministry called Fuffy and Friends and was in a 10 piece all female Mariachi Band. Countless traveling experiences and events have kept Sibie grounded and focused on her goals.

Her drive to become a successful singer has taken her through many experiences including her one hour set at Time Warner Studios with the band Heaven's Gift, for a Christian public access show.

She finally stepped out with the push from a good friend, poet Kat SoPoetic, and recovering from strep throat, sang "The Christmas Song" at a bar, "Valentine's" for an open mic in 2010 where founder of Urban Guerilla's Theater, Mojavi K. Write made her a member on the spot.
She performed Adele's "Someone like you" at her first UGT show for their "Love and History" event in March of 2012 and has been singing at countless events in venues such as The Linda Performing Arts Theater, The Urban Book Club Cafe, Duo Lounge in Saratoga, Michael's Banquet House, PCC, The Palace and Proctors Theater (NY)...

At a UGT's "Latin Night" Show (Sept. of 2012), she was christened "LaVoz" By a friend, Caridad aka "La Bruja", an incredible poet/spoken word artist from the Bronx NY and has been called Sibie LaVoz ever since.

With collaborations and performances including local artists such as: Tameka Amar, JB aka Dirty Moses, Tiff Gabana, Rated R, Kat SoPoetic, Bklyn Shay, Poetyc Visionz, and Luis Pabon, Sibie has grown to appreciate different genres of music and performance styles.

Sibie released her first project, a Collaborations EP "Songs with FRIENDS", Labor Day Weekend of 2013, and her Debut Solo Album "Seasons” is set be released in November 2014.
(available now for digital download at

She is currently an educated voice coach, studio voice editor, and a studio background vocalist.
Positive and negative experiences in the music industry have taught her that nothing should stand in the way of her fulfilling her destiny, and that everything happens for a reason so she lives, learns and fights, everyday. Now under the management of Ovel Entertainment Group, Lee has Sibie is singing at concerts, private events and shows, keeping in mind that her goal is to leave a legacy for her children, and to share the gift that God has given her with the world.

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