Hometown: Nashua, NH

Certified Artist Developer: Tammy Deslauriers

Manager: Bradley J


The sound of Potsy, and several of the band's most reputable songs were initiated in the early 2000s when guitarist Bradley J began writing and recording after several years of formal lessons. After starting and dissolving a project called Trick, which featured only himself and a bassist, in 2005, all the material written on guitar went unused for a period. Bradley J met drummer Brad Parent in early 2006, and songs almost rendered dead began to take a new shape. Brad had been drumming since the age of 6 and was exactly what the songs in Trick had been lacking. Bassist Jeremy Borne, introduced through the same mutual acquaintance, joined Potsy in September, 2007. Notwithstanding a [massive] bout of eclecticism, the sound was dynamic, unrefined, and raw. The elements of fusion-styled percussion & classically trained melodies with effects-driven intricacies were immediately evident, and after several sessions, Potsy was considered off to a strong start.

Several of Potsy's early performances were done instrumentally as the band had not been interested in any of the singers auditioned, and in late 2009, they welcomed a pair of singers to the lineup. Performances were regular in 2009 and 2010, but after unsatisfactory recordings, and criticism (both from fans, and band members alike), the two were dismissed in 2011 and vocalist William Edwards filled the void later that year.

Potsy reformed with a permanent lineup of William Edwards, Jeremy Borne, Brad Parent, and Bradley J in September of 2011, and shifted focus towards both material previously practiced but unused and material that was completely new and never practiced under any other lineup. The band released its debut E.P., dyingprettythings, in 2013 through local retailer Newbury Comics. Several songs previously performed and recorded have since been worked into the Edwards-era lineup and Potsy continues to play and promote around New England, consistently winning new fans.


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